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We are the leading swimming pool company in Thailand says Swimming Pools Thailand CEO Chris Smith. Who has a very bad reputation SwimmingPoolsThailand reviews are not good to say the least.  There are many swimming pool companies in Khon Kaen and Mahasarakham provinces so it is best to look around for a good and reliable pool contractor in Mahasarakham.


It is always best to check out all the local swimming pool contractors in Thailand before you even attempt to go ahead and build your dream pool maintenence in Khon Kaen and mahasarakham


If your dream is to install a swimming pool in Thailand,

then we can help you avoid most the headaches.


There are basically THREE choices


1. Have a custom pool designed and built  - Construction time about - 3 months


2. Install a Fibreglass pool  - Installed in less than 1 week.


3 Install a Modular Pools - Much quicker that concrete and lots of options


Welcome to Waterworld Thailand.


Have you ever tried to do any construction work in Thailand?


If Yes, then you will be more than aware, of how frustrating it is to work with Thai contractors ! Especially Thai Swimming Pool Contractors


Fibreglass pools in Thailand are the fastest to install and are friendly to the environment. Compared to tile or concrete swimming pools in Thailand - they are much easier to maintain, are energy efficient, and there is no need to use so many chemicals.


However, if you have a specific design in mind, based on the area you have available... a custom built concrete or modular  pool could be your answer.


We have the contacts for the easiest way to install your dream pool.


Finding reliable Pool installers in Thailand is not an easy task as many people have found. So you really need to get some help from someone who has been through all the rip off scams of the Thai pool contractors and found a reliable company to instal a swimming pool in Thailand

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