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Stand Up Paddle Boards

(SUP) - Inflatable Paddle Boards Thailand  

are the hottest water sports pastime for

Relaxation - Exercise - Yoga -  Racing - Fun


We offer the best design and price 

for all sizes and colours of Inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards (SUP) in Thailand.


Warranty: Workmanship 3 Years :  


Thickness: 4'' or  6"   -   Length: 7"6  to 12"6      


Price:  19,990 Baht to 28,000 Baht

+ Shipping - 3900 Baht (within Thailand)


Coconut_palms_SUP_Paddle_Boards_Thailand_Prices Paddle_board_thailand_17 Paddle_board_thailand_13 Paddle_board_thailand_15

Equipment included


1. Board paddle (one)


2. High quality hand pump

   with pressure gauge


3. Waterproof backpack


4. Repairing kit


5. Fins (3) + Fins protectors


6. Belt for board

Coconut Palms Paddle Boards Thailand 3 Coconut Palms Paddle Boards Thailand 4 Coconut Palms Paddle Boards Thailand 5 Coconut Palms Paddle Boards Thailand 6 Coconut Palms Paddle Boards Thailand 2 Coconut Palms Paddle Boards Thailand 7 Coconut Palms Paddle Boards Thailand

SUP Thailand or Stand up Paddle boards Thailand is the most popular water sports recreation from Phuket to the rivers and lakes of central Thailand. On the stunning beaches of Phuket or Krabi or Pattaya or Hua Hin you will find Stand Up Paddle Thailand. Inflatable SUP paddle boards Thailand, like many places in the Asia is a fairly new water sport and is generally seen in Australia, the USA and Europe. SUP Thailand is gaining incredible popularity as many more people are discovering how easy it is to Stand Up Paddle boarding in Thailand compared to Surfing in the high waves or wind surfing Thailand . It is very simple to learn Paddle boarding in Thailand as you need to do is start off in a kneeling position on the board and then slowly stand up to achieve  balancing on the paddle board. Obviously a swimming pool or better still a calm lake is the optimal place to learn but most people within an hour or so will be paddling an SUP board like a pro...


Where to buy paddle boards in Thailand is not so easy so we have imported a couple of SUP stand up paddle boards Thailand to our Lakeside resort - Coconut Palms - Hotel with swimming pool Maha Sarakham / Khon Kaen for rental of our resident guests. Guests can practise in the swimming pool before venturing out onto the lake opposite the hotel with pool in Maha Sarakham. Yoga and Pilates on paddle boards is also becoming very  popular and lots of videos can be found on the internet and especially Youtube showing many techniques for yoga on stand up paddle boards.


Exploring the lakes and rivers in Thailand on SUP inflatable paddle boards Thailand is a fantastic  experience just as kayaking in Thailand. There are also the  rigid SUP boards in Thailand but these paddle boards are almost impossible to  to travel with unless you have a roof rack on a car. The inflatable SUP Thailand can be carried in a backpack, taken on an airplane and can be taken on a bus or boot of your  car . On arrival at your destination, simply un pack the SUP and use the pump to blow it up, pick up your oar to explore the rivers,  waterways and lakes. This water sport is far easier to learn than conventional wave surfing or even wind surfing and if you choose, take your pet cat or dog on a paddle board in Thailand just like the locals on their motorcycles LOL.

1. Choose the size of your board


2. Choose the board colour


3. Choose the non slip base colour


4. Email us for the current price


Payment is via Bank Transfer or Paypal


Delivery takes 10-15 working days

as each board is custom made.



How to Order your Board